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Fluid Responsive Images in WordPress

Right out of the proverbial box, WordPress does a pretty nice job of handling image responsiveness, however if fully fluid responsive images is the order of the day, you'll need to make a couple of simple modifications.

JavaScript For Web Designers

My take on Mat Marquis' latest book from A Book Apart, JavaScript For Web Designers. Spoiler: It's excellent.

DOM Scripting

DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith, is without a doubt one of the foundational texts when it comes to responsible modern front-end JavaScript implementation. A mandatory read in my opinion.

Core Competencies

This write-up provides detail regarding the languages and technologies I utilize for Web development.

Tools I Like

In which I talk a little bit about the tools I live in on a day to day basis to complete my Web design and development projects.

Front-end Web Design & Development: An Approach

A little bit of insight into my philosophy on front-end Web design and development as well as a few words with respect to Web Standards.

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