Front-end Web Design & Development: An Approach

Published: November 3, 2021
HTML code as art

Hello, I’m Brent Pocker. I enjoy crafting delightful, responsive, accessible user interfaces and user experiences on the Web. 

My philosophy with respect to Web user interface design is, in general, UIs should be effortless, intuitive and accessible for any end–user on any modern device designed to parse a webpage. Admittedly, I’m a minimalist when it comes to UI design and tend to subscribe to a less is more approach, again, in general. From an end–user perspective, I find that I gravitate toward websites where the UI simply reveals itself and doesn’t impede me finding the content I am after. Good typography and well understood graphic design elements are fundamental and arguably essential.

With respect to user experience design, my approach is to leverage the usual suspects with which we’ve all developed a sense of familiarity. We have a specific notion about what sort of behavior to expect when we interact with a particular type of element on a webpage for example. In absence of a clear and solid justification to deviate, my argument is that that expectation should be met, not only because it makes for delightful UX but because it facilitates your end–users arriving at the content they seek.

A few words with regard to Web Standards — While the Web continues to experience growing pains in many important respects, it has evolved remarkably since its infancy and reached a certain level of maturity over the course of recent decades. Much of that maturity is, in part, a direct result of the efforts of Web Standards organizations and working groups (hat tip). The labor of the brilliant and dedicated individuals that define these organizations to understand end–user pain points as well as the challenges designers and developers face while attempting to mitigate or alleviate said pain points, has provided the rest of us mere mortals with the gift of Web Standards. Web Standards are tried and true. I am thankful for them. I happily adhere to them.

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