SASS For Web Designers

Published: December 19, 2021
Book cover: SASS for Web Designers by Dan Cederholm

One of my favorite authors, Dan Cederholm, hit another one out of the park. SASS For Web Designers is as insightful as it is delightful. This book is one that I reference occasionally and recently just reread cover to cover. This is THE book that inspired me to give CSS pre–processors a try almost a decade ago. Needless to say, I did and there was no looking back.

In the book, Dan, talks about what SASS is in a practical sense and the value SASS brings to the maintainability of our CSS. He introduces us to the SASS syntax, SASS compilers, SASS workflow, and provides a tonne of useful code samples covering everything from variables to mixins to includes and the like — the nuts and bolts of SASS that bring the day to day value and efficiency gains to our work.

True to form and keeping things fun, Dan, uses a fictitious record label’s Website to demonstrate some of the topics in the book. Enter Sasquatch Records. Now that I think about it, if there is no such record label as Sasquatch Records, I argue there should be simply so recording artists can say they’re “with Sasquatch”!

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